Ninja Gaiden 3 Review…..

Gamespot - 5.5

Game Informer - 6.0

IGN - 3.0

I am glad I had no interest in this game. It sound dreadfully boring. They just need to re-make the original 3 NES Ninja Gaiden games and then I will be on board.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Reviews…..

Gamespot - 4.5/10

Game Informer - 6/10

This is not a happy sight for me. I don’t normally value reviewers all that much, but this being very low rated from two sources I trust in makes me happy I am not going to fork out $60 for this game. I am hoping I can either get it from Redbox or Blockbuster this week. I am very sad. RE2 is my favorite (and best RE game period) from the series and I was super stoked to play it from a different stand point. Oh well, I pray RE6 pulls out a win later this year.

So I just looked at Gamespots Special Awards section for this years game awards…..

And Portal 2 won so much crap. How? The game was no different than the first one other than adding co-op and new puzzles. Best voice acting? Really? Auto-tuning a voice I guess does win things these days. Best writing/dialog? Really? Did they not listen to the story telling in Batman or any other game with a real plot line? I give up on game critics. Read the shit here.